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360 Virtual Tour – Restoration of a Lancaster Bomber Cockpit

The prospect of doing all round, immersive 360 images has always intrigued me and until the last couple of years, cameras capable of such images have always been prohibitively expensive. Now however, these camera’s have fallen into the affordable price range prosumer hobbyists. Placed on the end of a ‘selfie stick’ they can literally, be angled into locations not normally accessible by a hand held DLSR, lending itself to some interesting perspectives. Recently, one such interesting project was being allowed to photograph the interior of a Lancaster cockpit, currently undergoing refurbishment at the Boscombe Down Aircraft Collection ( hanger at Old Sarum airfield. Not only can you get the into interesting locations, but using the application technology you can control the camera from a short distance. As an add on, you can also keyframe the 360 shot to produce an interesting perspective, still 2d image.

Below is a link to the images taken inside the Lancaster.

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