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Finally got my hands on a Giraffe!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I met up in London with Giraffe360's head of commercial development Frederic Benisty. I was mighty impressed with the hi definition 29megapixel Giraffe360 camera that captures 'wide angle' stills, a 360 virtual tour and an accurate and well presented floorplan with measurements - all on one shoot. The wide angle stills are actually 3 pan shots stitched together by the camera, so no barrelling or distortion.

So I am pleased to say we have our first Giraffe360 camera and I find its operation superb. Now this is a camera that doesn't use a mobile phone app to control it. Just 2 buttons on the camera is all you need to know; one for a still shot and one for a 360. The floorplan is created as a by-product thanks to the Giraffe360's LiDAR.

In terms of workflow, it's a bit difficult to know what to do whilst you disappear from the room for a minute, but at least I can keep on top of messages, emails and callbacks in the middle of a shoot! It's important to work clockwise as we all know men like me are rubbish at multitasking 😉.

I was particularly impressed with the battery life - enough for 4/5 shoots without even using car or mobile battery chargers. And it's upload back at the office is simple. I will be using a portable WI-FI spot soon, as volumes increase. The stitching is carried out by the Giraffe360 team once a project has been uploaded to the cloud. The quality is superb and the turnaround fast.

The Giraffe360's impressive design and operation attracts conversation with clients and it's carry case is well thought out. And hey, I even bought a Smart car to match 😊!

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