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So what’s the crack with the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The size? The Colour? Performance? Nope … it’s the Camera System. But yet it’s essentially the same camera system in the iPhone 11 ProMax. Huh?

There are many apparently small, but significant enhancements. These include:

  • image stabilisation

  • 2.5X zoom telephoto

  • night mode

  • faster autofocus

  • ultra-wide angle

There are others too. Just picking on the last point, this means the slight ‘barrelling’ on the iPhone11ProMax wide-angle has now been lost in adjustment.

Photo courtesy of

This really makes my Nikon DSLR redundant! But these improvements are not really what I am blogging about here.

It’s the introduction of LiDAR on the iPhone 12Pros that is the quantum step forward (and I fully expect a resulting continued appreciation in the value of Apple stock). LiDAR (which stands for Light Detection and Ranging) is a powerful remote sensing system that allows accurate measurements of anything on Earth on a 3D model output. And, like any 360 you can swivel round to view (and measure anything) from any angle.

So it’s no surprise to see our friends at Matterport embracing the iPhone 12Pro. It opens up a world of possibilities, not just for business, but for everyday life as you will be carrying the asset around in your pocket. Matterport has continually set the standard in 3D capture and the Coronavirus lock-downs made it even more clear that greater accessibility to Matterport and other 360 software technology could help people navigate uncertainty. The launch of the Matterport app for iPhone came way ahead of schedule, in this time of crisis which has really helped keep the real estate and property industry moving forward when physical access to spaces and buildings are severely limited.

But the Matterport app for iPhone will not only help the real estate industry, but many other industries as well. Virtual tours have enabled refurbishment and restoration to continue, as well as allows properties to be rented out. But I see the Matterport Capture app for iPhone and not doubt many other apps from worthy competitors to enable people stuck at home to reconnect with their friends, family and colleagues in an exciting way – to literally invite them into their worlds. One step further than Zoom, Skype and Teams. As have been quick to confirm this technology has already been used for, in their words:

  • Capturing and sharing personal spaces with friends and family.

  • Capturing a room in rich detail to redesign and redecorate it.

  • Selling or renting a place with an immersive virtual tour.

  • Combining virtual walkthrough shopping experiences with eCommerce capabilities to allow businesses small and large to open their doors to people from all over the world to shop.

  • Capturing a residence and all of its belongings to be ready for anything, including fires, hurricanes, and floods.

  • Scanning a location that’s near and dear to preserve the memory of it before moving on to somewhere else.

We are going to read and, more importantly, see much more about LiDAR, Apple and Matterport over the next few months!

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